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I am new to loom working, and would like to know how to attach my project to a steel bracelet blank.
- Christine
Make sure your loomworked project is as close to the same width as the steel bracelet blank you intend to use. (This bracelet shows the loom piece made into a sleeve that slides onto the bracelet.)

Once you have your loomwork complete, choose a complementary color of leather scraps. Cut the leather to the same shape and dimensions as the loomworked piece. Thread a sharp needle with a complementary color of 0.15mm 6-pound test Berkley® FireLine® thread for extra strength and hold. Handsew through the leather, up through one bead along the outside edge of the beadwork, then back down through the leather. Continue this pattern through every bead along the two long sides and along one end. Slide the bracelet blank into the sleeve. Finish by sewing the remaining end together.

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