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What is the difference between a gemstone setting designated ''low profile'' and a setting that does not have the low profile designation? If I have an 8mm stone can I use either setting?
- Mary
Low profile setting means that the stone sets down in a bezel setting which protects the stone.

Elevated settings, such as the Snap -Tite® and Sure-Set™ settings, display stones by capturing it with prongs.

An 8mm stone in either setting type will work to achieve your desired design.

Gem setting pliers are a perfect tool to use when working with Snap-Tite or Sure-Set settings because the grip is more secure and less likely to slip and damage the stone. Dipping the ends of the Gem setting pliers in Tool Magic™ rubber coating will also protect the stone as well as the metal on the setting from scratching. Be sure to check the how-to videos and tutorials listed below in the resources section for more important information on using these products.

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