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I have several strands of tiny 2.5mm diamond beads and am in a quandary as to the best way to string them. I've tried fishing line and extra fine beading wire, but I'm not satisfied with the results. I've also tried stringing them onto jumprings I made with 18K 30-gauge wire, but it made them look too spread out. Any suggestions?
- Ann
Silkon® bonded nylon thread is a nice choice because it has the strength of some of the synthetic products you've tried, yet has a nicer drape. Choose a complementary color to enhance your diamond's overall appearance.

To create a more traditional look for your necklace, you can use the Japanese Bead Knotting technique to tie each bead into place on the strand.

Silamide 2-ply waxed nylon thread is also a good choice as it is very durable, supple and colorfast. Use Silamide to string beads with very small holes or in projects when the thread goes through the bead multiple times.

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