Topics: Rubber Cord, Cord Coils

How do you secure cord coils to rubber cord? The fit is pretty tight, but is there some way to secure it further? Thanks.
- Jane
Using a toothpick, apply a fast drying glue to the inside of the coil. Devcon 2-part jeweler’s epoxy is recommended because it dries fast and has a strong hold. Thread the end of the rubber cord into the cord coil and set aside for at least five minutes to allow the glue to dry. Use chain-nose pliers to lightly squeeze the bottom coil inward to firmly attach the finding to the cord.

You don't need to completely compress the coil--a light touch is best. Applying too much pressure on the end coil can cause the wire to flatten or even cut into the cord. This could also compromise the roundness of the coil.

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