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I have a heart lampwork type piece, kind of like the ones on page 30 of the June magazine. I want to attach it to a leather cord but the hole on top of the heart is so small. So, what other type of attachment do I need in order for the heart to hang from the cord?
- Gina
A bail can be made by using hemp or leather cord the same color as the leather cord you used for the necklace. Make sure it is thin enough in diameter to fit through the hole in your pendant. Wrap it around the leather cord two or three times and then tie an attractive knot under the wrap to secure it on the leather cord. The remaining two loose ends can then be used to tie the heart pendant on. Complete the necklace with cord ends; glue on, fold over or crimp tube with loops, and then add a clasp for a professional finished look.

A really nice alternative is the black cord necklace that comes with a macramé bail already attached. It is completely finished and all you have to do is tie your pendant onto it.

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