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I want to make my own curtain tie backs with some beads on tiger tail. Do you have any recommendations how to do this?
- Julia
Using Tigertail™ for this type of project should be fine depending on how heavy the curtains are that you want to tie back. Tigertail is a 7 strand wire that could withstand the stress of a lightweight curtain. For a heavier curtain or drape, it would be a good idea to consider using a stronger, heavier gauge beading wire like the 49 strand Accu-Flex® beading wire as there would be a lot of stress on the wire as it holds the curtain back. Accu-Flex comes in several gauges as well as a variety of colors and offers a strong and secure hold. In either case choose the thickest diameter that will pass through the bead holes.

Measure the length of beading wire you will need by wrapping it around the curtain you want to tie back. When you have that measurement add about two to three inches on each side, then cut with wire nippers. Select a large size toggle clasp and crimp one side of the clasp to one end of the wire. String the beads you have selected onto the wire as if you were making a beaded necklace only probably shorter. Once stringing the beads is complete, crimp on the bar side of the clasp.

Place a hook into the wall behind the curtain; a plant hanging hook would work well. Put the loop side of the toggle over the hook, wrap the beaded wire around the curtain then pass the bar of the toggle through the loop side to hold the beaded strand in place around the curtain.

Create beaded dangles with the left over beads used for the tie back, or attach an eye catching tassel to the center of the tie back for fun and attractive embellishments.

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