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What are needle sharps?
- Monica, NV
Sharps are needles used for general hand sewing. The word ''sharp'' refers to the style, not that they have a sharper point; they are stiffer than other needles. Sharps are usually a medium length ranging from 1 to 1-1/2 inches and like other beading needles have a sharp point on one end and an oval shaped eye on the other. Sharps vary in thickness and are measured by a number from #1 to #16, the higher the number the thinner the needle.

Sharps can be used for beading and, such as English beading needles, the width of the needle is consistent along the entire length, except for the point. Sharp beading needles are usually the thinner size, like #10 - #15 so the needle can pass through the smaller bead holes more easily.

Like bead size, personal preference is usually the reason for choosing a beading needle or a sharp. Refer to ''What to Know: Needles and Threads'' article for more information about needles in general.

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