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I would like instructions on stringing a mother of pearl necklace. What type of string do you recommend and does each pearl have to be knotted?
- Hilda
Either Accu-Flex® beading wire, for regular stringing projects or silk threads, for knotting projects will work well with mother-of-pearl beads, and either stringing material will look wonderful. Mother-of-pearl beads are not actually pearls, they are made from the shell of the mollusk that produces pearls. This makes them harder than pearls and able to accommodate larger drill holes, which is why you have more options when it comes to choosing a stringing material. These beads do not have to be knotted, although this is an attractive technique depending on the look you want to achieve.
  • Accu-Flex beading wire is a very strong and flexible braided stainless steel wire that makes it perfect for regular bead stringing projects. When using beading wire it is best to use crimp beads on the ends when attaching a clasp. This will give your stringing projects the most secure hold.

  • Bead knotting projects are best done with silk or nylon threads as they are both very strong. They will also provide a very flexible and natural drape and an attractive traditional beading look. Use bead ends with hooks (bead tips) to finish these projects for ease in attaching a clasp and a professional finished look.
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