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I'm trying to make a necklace based on the pearl cascade necklace design in the gallery and am having trouble figuring out how to attach the pearl to the bail and still have the eyepin ring attached at the other end. Can you help? Thank you.
- Hilda
The "Cascade of Pearls" design idea #7A1T in the Gallery of Designs actually uses a pendant bail that has a 5mm cup with a short peg on it.

One side of the hole on a pearl was glued to the peg on the bail then a trimmed eyepin was glued into the other side of the hole on the pearl, so that just the eye of the pin was showing. The dangles were then hung from the eye.

Another option to make the same look would be to use a headpin with an attached cup and ring.

Place the bead onto the headpin and slide it all the way down to the cup. Make a simple loop using the remaining length of wire, to secure the bead in place. Attach dangles to the loop on the headpin and use the simple loop you created to connect the pearl to a bail with a loop. Slide the bail onto the chain, neckwire or cording of your choice.

Design Idea 7A1T

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