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What is the visible difference between the Swarovski crystal and the Czech fire-polished crystal? Do you have any Czech machine-cut crystal?
- Danita
The most visible difference between Swarovski crystal and Czech fire-polished glass can be seen on the edges of the facets. The Swarovski machine-cut crystal will have a very clean sharp edge between facets. Czech fire-polished beads have a slightly rounded edge. This is due to the heating process that gently melts the glass at the edge of the facets and on the edges of the holes. Czech fire-polished glass beads do not have lead content so they are not considered crystal. Swarovski crystal beads are leaded crystal, as they do have lead content, that makes them richer and deeper in color.

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads does not carry Czech machine-cut crystal at the time of this writing.

Additional important information on identifying authentic Swarovski crystal products can be found in our article ''Swarovski - How to ensure you are getting the real thing.''

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Use the zoom feature to view these projects really close up. You can actually see the difference between the faceted edges on the Swarovski crystals and the Czech fire-polished glass beads:

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