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What kind of needle (and what size) should I use for bead weaving and how should I thread the needle?
- Laura
English beading needles are perfect for bead weaving. These beading needles are straight, thin and slightly flexible. They are designed so the width of the needle is consistent the whole length, except for the point which is tapered. This feature allows the needle to pass through seed beads with ease. The width is dictated by the size of the eye. The larger the eye, the thicker the needle, the bigger the seed beads need to be. English beading needles come in sizes #10 - #13, the lower the number the thicker the needle. Size 10 works great with size 11/0 Delicas and larger beads. Size 13 is perfect for rocailles or size 15/0 seed beads.

To thread a beading needle, use the Easy Threader needle threader, designed to thread a needle with ease.

A Wide-Eye Needleâ„¢ is designed for easy needle threading. It is two lengths of wire joined at the ends, creating a very large eye in the middle. It is very thin, flexible and also ideal for using with seed beads. To thread a Wide-Eye Needle, slide your fingernail between the two halves of the needle, turn your nail slightly to widen the eye and insert your stringing material. Alternatively you can open the needle by lightly compressing it between your thumb and forefinger (holding it at the points), which will cause the eye to open.

Because each person has a slightly different needle preference for use on individual projects, you might want to purchase a few different lengths of English beading needles and the Wide-Eye Needle assortment to see which best fits your hand and specific projects.

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