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I just ordered some titanium mesh for a necklace. Are there instructions on the website for the best method and/or product to finish off the necklace?
- Ann
Ribbon ends are a great way to finish off mesh wire. Fold over the end of the mesh wire, add a dab of G-S Hypo® cement adhesive into the fold of your mesh wire end, place the ribbon crimp over the fold then press the ribbon crimp closed using chain-nose pliers.

Crimp ends are another way to end mesh wire. Thread the mesh into one half of a crimp end hook-and-eye clasp working the crimp end down until you're sure the ribbon is in as far it can go. Place your chain-nose pliers on the center section of the crimp-end and squeeze tightly, closing the crimp around the mesh tubing. While holding the crimp end, pull on the mesh gently with your other hand to test the security of the crimp. Don't pull too hard as you want to be sure the clasp will stay on. If it moves, re-crimp with the chain-nose pliers until the crimp is secure. Use wire cutters to trim any excess mesh tubing extending beyond the crimp end.

Mesh wire is beautiful and delicate; use care when threading a needle, knotting or adding beads. Additional Resources

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