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How long should I make the strands for a multi-strand necklace to finish with a 16 inch twisted necklace? I will be working with 3 or 5 strands.
- Bennett
A good formula to follow is to double the length of the intended finished necklace (32 inches in the case of a 16-inch necklace) and add 4 inches to that length (which results in 36 inches for a 16-inch necklace) when making a twisted necklace. The diameter of the beads used makes a difference, as does the number of strands used. If you are using beads with a small diameter, such as seed beads or triangle beads, you need less extra length; using larger diameter beads necessitates a longer length.

Secure the ends of the stringing material with a Bead Stopperâ„¢ then measure the necklace twisted to ensure a good fit before finishing the ends.

The instructions for the ''Multi-Strand Necklace with Red Seed Beads'' project outlines a similar approach to strand lengths.

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