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Are there such things as removable beads? I am kind of fascinated by the troll beads concept, being able to change out your bracelets at will, but I can't figure out a quick and easy way to do this! I wish beads had hinges!
- Tracy
Yes, there are many beads that have large holes, can be designed as removable and work well with cords and special chains. Sterling silver caprice chain is 3mm thick and comes in different lengths with two 8x5mm end caps. One end features a lobster claw clasp. The opposite end cap screws off, allowing large-hole beads, bead keepers and pendants to easily slide on and off.

Use large-hole beads, such as Dione® and Swarovski® crystals' BeCharmed line, to create personalized jewelry.

Bead keepers have a silicone lining that grips chain to keep beads in place; they are easy to position or reposition. Inside diameter is approximately 2.5 - 3mm, fitting 3mm caprice or snake chain, wire, leather, rubber or silk cord.

Pandora beads, crow beads, glass cane beads and pony beads have large holes which work well with the caprice chain. Many of the Hill Tribes fine silver beads also have large holes, which would also work well on the chain. There are tube style beads with loops on them that allow you to place drops and pendants on the beads.

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