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I purchased cat beads on which the holes run vertically, from head to foot. I would like to make a pendant, but I need the holes to run horizontally. Can you give me any suggestions on how to string these beads?
- Deborah
You can use a headpin to make a beaded drop out of your cat bead. Pass the headpin through the cat beads from feet to head. Make a simple loop or wrapped loop above the cat's head, making a drop pendant. You will be able to string the bead drop from left to right on the cording or chain of your choice.

Beading Tip:
Make sure you use a headpin with a large enough head so that it does not slip through the hole of the bead. Many times, these wonderful glass character beads have larger holes than conventional beads. If that is the case, consider adding a smaller bead or spacer bead to the headpin before putting your cat bead on.

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