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How do you use Kato Polyclay? Do you need something else to mix with it or use it by itself. How do you know how long to bake it? Thanks,
- Yvonne
Kato Polyclay can be used right out of the packaging, after it has been conditioned. You do not need to add anything to it in order to create beautiful designs. The general guideline for baking Kato Polyclay is 275 degrees Fahrenheit for 60 minutes.

Review the ''Kato Polyclay Tips'' article for instructions on conditioning, baking temperatures and helpful safety information before getting started.

Kato Polyclay is a very versatile polymer clay. You can mix different colors together to create your own palette, as well as mix the clay with other materials to create different effects, like faux stone. You can also coat the clay with different media for varied finished effects, or transfer images on to the clay. The clay can even be layered to create millefiori designs.

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