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I have a glass pendant that the loop broke off of. How can I wire wrap it and put a loop at the top, where the glass loop broke off?
- Judy
Wire wrap the pendant, bridging the space between the bottom of the pendant to above the curve of the sides, like a bezel setting. Adding in flourishes of wire is what makes wirewrapping an artistic expression and complement to the pendant. As you complete the decorative and secure wrapping of the pendant, be sure to fashion a loop at the top so you can attach a bail or even create the bail from the wire itself.

Choose 22- or 20-gauge round, half-hard, square dead-soft or half-hard wire. This will be fine enough in diameter to not interfere or overpower the design yet be heavy enough to maintain shape and security for the pendant. Working with dead-soft and half-hard wire will yield crisp bends yet allow some wiggle room to maneuver the wire as you set it around the pendant.

Alternatively, a glue-on flat back bail can repair the pendant without harming the piece; the bond would be permanent.

To apply a glue-on bail:
  • Choose a bail that complements the design of the pendant
  • Using sandpaper, lightly rough up the spot on the back of the pendant where you will attach the bail
  • Apply a small dab of adhesive to the bail
  • Press into place and let set until cured
  • String the pendant onto your choice of chain or cording for a custom made necklace
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