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I am seeing cabochons used with pictures and words and I want to use this style to make a 50th wedding anniversary piece for my mom. Is it just printer paper, is there a certain glue or mounting that has to be used?
- Sincerely, Scott
Scale down words or images and print onto standard printer or copy paper. Place a clear glass cabochon over the image and trace around it. Note: If image was produced from an inkjet printer, the ink and paper must be sealed with a clear acrylic spray sealer/finisher. Set aside and allow to dry per manufacturer’s instructions before proceeding. Thin Mod Podge® with water. Make a tape loop around your finger, stick the tape loop to the top of the cabochon and dip it in the watered down glue to coat the back. Set the cabochon onto the paper inside the traced line. Press firmly to expel excess glue and any bubbles. Let dry and then trim the paper from the edge with finely tipped scissors. Apply The Ultimate! Adhesive to the cup of a mounting and then lightly press the paper-backed cabochon into the adhesive-filled cup.

If you plan to use an open-backed mounting, apply a thin line of adhesive to the rim of the mounting and press the paper-backed cabochon into the adhesive. Coat exposed paper (back of the open mounting) with Mod Podge and then fill the reservoir with 2-part epoxy to make the bond stronger. Some cabochons aren't calibrated so check for fit inside the pendant mounting before you apply the cabochon.

- Jamie Smedley, Jewelry-Making Expert

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