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Would like to try and make bracelets to sell at a craft fair using stretch cord. What size stretch cord would you use and what size bracelet should I make for a general adult-sized wrist? Thanks.
- Betty
The diameter of cord you choose is really based more on the type of beads that you want to use. PowerCord® and elastic cording range from 0.4-2mm in diameter. The 0.4mm is perfect for freshwater pearls, seed beads and other lightweight, small beads. The 0.8mm to 1mm is good for average crystals and gemstones, and the 2mm is used for beads with larger holes such as crow beads and pony beads.

The circumference of an adult female's wrist can range from a smaller 5-1/2 inches to a larger 8-1/2 inches. In the craft show environment, you might want to think about providing a small and large size version of each of your bracelets. When working with larger beads, be sure to make the bracelets larger to accommodate the amount of length you need to maintain the correct circumference. Finish the bracelet with a surgeon's knot and a dab of E6000® Jewelry and Craft Adhesive or G-S Hypo cement. Each are very good adhesives; E6000 remains flexible after curing which is ideal when working with stretch or elastic cording.

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