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I recently purchased from you some 8 inch satin cords in various colors. I originally thought that they were 18 inches and would use them for pendants. What do you recommend using the 8 inch sections for? How do you close the ends or attach them?
- Marilyn
Those lengths could be used for bracelets. Closing the ends can be finished in multiple ways:
  • Cord ends can be used to finish the ends. Place a small amount of adhesive onto the end of the satin cord, place a cord end on then close the cord end with chain-nose pliers. Use jumprings to attach your clasp of choice onto the cord ends to finish.
  • The end of the satin cord can be passed through a jumpring or loop of a clasp and glued using a fabric glue, sewed using thread and needle or wrapped closed using a piece of wire.
  • The ends of the cord can also be finished by knotting the cord.
The 8-inch lengths could also be used for necklaces, connecting them together to equal longer lengths.

For example:

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