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I have never worked with French wire before. I want to make a necklace using French wire, 6mm Swarovski beads, and a small square piece of Venetian glass. What wire should I use and does it string through the beads like ordinary Accu-Flex?
- Rita
French wire, also known as bullion, is a finely wrapped coil that looks like a spring. It is typically used on the ends of the cording or thread used in a jewelry design as it helps to prevent the clasp from abrading the stringing material. French wire also gives a professional, seamless finish to your design.

When using glass and Swarovski® crystals, consider using Accu-Flex® beading wire because it's a coated steel cable that can withstand the sharper edges often found on these types of beads. French wire is available in diameters that accommodate all diameters of Accu-Flex. When selecting French wire, choose a size that is slightly larger than the diameter of the beading wire that is most suitable to your beads.
- Molly Schaller, Jewelry Making Expert

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