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How do I turn a pendant into a necklace?
- Horan
Pendants can be added to the center portion of a necklace that has been strung on wire, incorporating the loop of the pendant into the pattern. They may be woven into your design or placed on a chain or cording that is suitable to your design by placing the stringing material through the pendant loop.

It is important to remember that pendants generally have a metal bail, which can be abrasive to stringing materials, so a heavy beading wire such as Accu-Flex® Professional Quality Beading Wire is always a good choice. If a heavy cord or hemp is used to create a necklace, wrapping the cord around the bail multiple times reduces the movement of the pendant and decreases the friction on the cord. If the pendant does not lie flat, a jumpring can be added to the bail to change the direction the pendant is facing by 90 degrees.

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