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My son has a woven hemp bracelet that he wears 24/7. The hemp cord broke at the knot that secures it and he asked if it could be repaired. Do you know how to repair a woven hemp bracelet with a knotted ''clasp''? Thank you.
- Tracy
A hemp cord bracelet or necklace can be repaired if the remaining hemp is not too frayed or weak.
  • Untie the cord from the end that is broken, working approximately 1-inch down from the break
  • Using hemp cord that matches in color, cut two 6-inch strands and two 12-inch strands
  • Place the end of one 6-inch length of hemp cord next to one of the center (short) strands on the bracelet
  • Using an overhand knot, tie the two strands of cord together
  • Repeat to attach the other 6-inch length of hemp cord to the other center (short) strand
  • Repeat to attach a 12-inch length of hemp cord to each of the outer (long) strands
  • Pull the knots tight then place a small amount of glue on each knot
  • Make a square knot using the two outside 12-inch strands, working over the two base 6-inch strands
    • The basic pattern from there is:
      • Strand 1 over the base
      • Strand 2 over strand 1
      • Strand 2 under the base
      • Strand 2 through the loop
      • Strand 2 over base
      • Strand 1 over strand 2
      • Strand 1 under the base
      • Strand 1 through the loop
You must alternate starting with strand 1 then strand 2 to get a flat pattern. If you start consistently with the same strand the pattern will twist.
  • Once the bracelet is to the desired length, tie all four strands in an overhand knot. If the knot is not large enough to fit through the loop on the other side, use a surgeon's knot which will make the knot larger
- Maura Buckner, Jewelry-Making Expert

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