Topics: Shell, Flowers, Center-Drilled

I have some carved shell flowers. The hole is in the middle of each flower. How do I attach beads and how do I make them into earrings?
- Ruby
You can turn your shell flowers into pendants or drops by threading them onto a headpin then forming the headpin into a bail. Follow the "Making a Bail from a Headpin" how-to video and instructions for help with this technique. Once you have the shells in this form, you can add an earring finding of your choice to the bail either directly or with a jumpring.

Depending on the size of your flower, you could also use an earring finding that has a cup with a post or peg. The cup holds or cradles the bead; the peg is used for mounting a bead. These specific findings are designed to be used with glue. We recommend G-S Hypo Cement® adhesive due to its strength and ability to work with metal and many different bead materials. - Molly Schaller, Jewelry-Making ExpertMaterials Resources

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