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I want to use a magnetic cylinder clasp, the kind that you knot through the back. I was told that there are two ways to attach it: 1) tie a knot; 2) thread a tiny silver round bead and pull it into the opening of the hole in the clasp. I want the bracelet to be very tight and I'm having a hard time getting that effect. How should I do this?
- Izzy
The type of clasp that you've described has a hole through the center for the thread, and also a well inside both halves of the clasp. This allows for pulling the design up tight to the clasp, and then on the other side, making a knot that can be hidden in the well. To accomplish this finishing technique, pull the beadwork toward the clasp end, pass the thread through the hole in the clasp and make a half-hitch knot. Insert the point of a beading awl or the end of a paperclip into the loop of the knot before tightening. Pull the working thread away from the awl to tighten the knot and at the same time slide the point of the awl toward the clasp until the entire knot is in the clasp well. Repeat this step, if necessary, to ensure the knot is large enough that it will not pass back through the hole of the clasp. Using this technique should help keep the beads strung as tightly as you would like.

A magnetic clasp with an outside loop that you attach your stringing material to will also work to achieve a tight-fitting bracelet. All of our single-strand magnetic clasps as well as nearly all of our multi-strand magnetic clasps have this type of attachment. Because it is easy to access the point where you will be securing the bracelet to the clasp with your tools, the fit is easier to control.

Beading wire such as Accu-Flex® beading wire is one of the best stringing materials to use for bracelets that incorporate a magnetic clasp. This type of wire's core contains many strands of stainless steel cable, so using it for your project will help your bracelet withstand the wear associated with pulling the clasp halves apart.

Use crimp beads and crimping pliers to attach the wire to the clasp.

- Molly Schaller, Jewelry-Making Expert

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