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I have jade stones that I would like to attach to a chain. What is the best way to attach them using a headpin? Should I use a jumpring or is there a better way?
- Terri
Wrapped loops are the most secure way to attach your jade stones to a chain if they are drilled top to bottom. Place the bead onto the heaviest gauge headpin that fits through the hole then form a wrapped loop above the bead, adding the loop to the chain before finishing the wrap. The "Wrapped Loop and Double Loop" video how-to and illustrated instructions shows this technique using a spool of wire instead of a headpin.

If your jade stones are teardrop in shape and have a hole that runs across the top part of the drop, a briolette wrapped loop or a jumpring would be the ideal choices for securing the drops to chain. Choose the heaviest gauge wire that fits through the hole as this will offer an even greater security in the connection to the chain.
- Molly Schaller, Jewelry-Making Expert

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