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I have designed a swim suit for a customer in a competition and instead of using glue on the 30ss AB's, I purchased the hot fix stones and applicator (H20-3429TL). No instructions came with it and I tried using the tool but the stone never did ''stick'' to the fabric... it just stayed in the tool tip. Can you provide some assistance? I appreciate your quick response as I need to complete this suit over the next few days!
- Thank you. Dena
Swarovski flat backs and Jewel Bond™ glue would be better for the project and the type of fabric used in most swimsuits.

This glue is made for use with fabric and porous surfaces. Given the nature of heat and synthetic fabrics, we feel this will also prevent damaging the swimsuit.

The Hot-Fix Heater™ works as you describe but when used on an appropriate surface, the glue on the hotfix flat backs does stick.

- Tom Triplett, Jewelry-Making Expert

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