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I recently started creating peyote free-form bracelets, and even though I am new to beading I am not new to various artistic pursuits. That being said, I basically over engineer my bracelets, but they are still falling apart after they are made. I am using FireLine® 6-pound test beading thread. I make several knots to end a thread and weave the tail in as long as possible and I sew the clasps three or four times. I am using mostly seed beads and if I do use a crystal I surround it with smaller beads so it doesn't cut the line. It then astounds me that as soon as the bracelet is worn it starts falling apart. Can anyone tell me what I must be doing wrong; I am completely mystified. Thanks.
- Julie
You are correct to use FireLine for your peyote stitch pieces. To further strengthen your pieces, make sure that the path of your thread stabilizes the piece when you weave in your ends, passing back over itself to secure the beads, as it is sometimes necessary to reinforce the stitches made previously, especially on sculptural, free-form pieces. Finish your design using a thread burner to create a neat and secure end.

To strengthen your designs, another technique is to double your FireLine while working your bead weaving projects.

- Molly Schaller, Jewelry-Making Expert

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