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I want to make a really full bracelet with four or five beads wire wrapped (with wire or a head pin) to a chain. I'm making a mess of this. Is there a trick to it, or a special tool? HELP! Thanks!
- Lynn
Attach your beads to the chain with a headpin finished with a wire-wrapped loop. Slide a bead onto a headpin and make a wrapped loop that attaches the bead to a link of your chain bracelet. Repeat for each bead.

Making consistent wrapped loops takes patience and practice. When you're beginning it can help to make the wrapped loops without attaching them directly to the chain. To do this, make your wrapped loop dangles and attach them to the chain using heavy-gauge jumprings. Check out the following links to learn how to create consistent wrapped loops, and use the following materials list to make sure you are using the correct tools.

- Molly Schaller, Jewelry-Making Expert

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