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I'm trying to make watches to sell. I've bought the watch face, but the place to which one attaches the band is very small. I want to make a double strand of beads on each side for the band and use wire guards for the wire. The area to which I need to attach these is too small, so I can't attach them that way. Instead I used a jumpring, which I didn't like because it showed too much once I used the wire guard to attach the beaded strands to the jumpring using a crimp bead. Do you have any other ideas about how to attach the beading wire to the watch?
- Cathy
French wire, also called French bullion, is a great way to protect the beading wire without adding bulk. Using sharp pointed scissors cut a small (1/4 inch to 1/3 inch) length of French bullion and use it in place of wire guards. Crimp the bead as usual. If you'd like an extra finishing touch, use a crimp cover to cover the crimp. - Molly Schaller, Jewelry-Making Expert

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