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I am making a pair of Southwest-style earrings with seed beads and bugle beads. The earrings are hanging incorrectly; they're not hanging straight. How can I correct this? I used FireLine® beading thread, but someone told me to use a stretchy thread. What do you suggest? Also, what color should I use? I am using black bugle beads and white seed beads. Thanks so much!
- Julie
Nymo® beading thread works wonderfully for earrings because it is lightweight and strong, and it allows stitched beads to drape beautifully. The FireLine® beading thread that you have used might be a heavier weight than necessary for your earrings, making them stiff and causing them to hang awkwardly. The color of the thread for a black and white project is up to your personal taste, because the black thread will show on the white beads and the white thread will show on the black beads.

If the earring is not facing the correct direction, adding a jumpring between the bail on your earring drop and the earring finding will change the direction of how the drop hangs by 90 degrees.

- Molly Schaller, Jewelry-Making Expert

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