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Ring sizes: I notice you often mention ring size 6 or 7 etc. Is this size in mm? And what is the average ring size for a lady?
- Jacomina
In the United States and Canada, ring sizes start from 0 and go to 16, going up in quarter-size increments. This size is not based on millimeters, it is a standard ring sizing system not based on any established system of measurement. An average size woman's ring finger size runs between size 6 and size 8, therefore you will find many rings sold in a size 7. A size 7 has a 2.12-inch inner circumference. The easiest way to determine the correct ring size is with a ring sizer, which is a set of rings that accurately measure size 1 through 15-1/2 in half size increments.

- Maura Buckner, Jewelry-Making Expert

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