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I am going to add some crystals to wooden letters. What would be better, flat backs or hot fix and what glue would I use? If hot fix is better, how do you use them? Thank you,
- Lori
Flat back crystals are a good choice when attaching crystals to wooden letters as the adhesion can be controlled more readily.

Before you glue any flat backs in place, be sure to lightly sand the surface of the wood with 300 - 400 grit sand paper. This will remove any dirt and/or oil left from touching the surface as well as to roughen up the surface for better adhesion. Use a 2-part epoxy with either a 5-minute or 30-minute curing time. For larger projects, go for the longer working time so you don't have to keep mixing batches of adhesive. To set the crystals in place, tweezers or the Tweezer Vac™ system are recommended for ease and precision.

- Tim Cronkhite, Jewelry-Making Expert

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