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I have several rings with small marcasite stones in them that have fallen out and been lost. Can I replace them? If yes, does Fire Mountain Gems sell the stones and do I just glue them back into the setting?
- Pat
Yes the stones can be replaced, and Fire Mountain carries several sizes of the small stones to use as replacements. Swarovski crystal crystal chatons are a great replacement option and come in a large variety of sizes and colors. To determine the size of the stone you lost, measure the opening with a gauge or caliper. Once you have the size, select a chaton that matches as closely as possible yet is not larger. Clean the opening using ODX Degreaser; this is a great product for removing any dirt or oil and preps the area for a better bond between the metal and the chaton. Prepare a 5-minute two-part epoxy following the manufacturer's instructions then dab a little into the opening. Using a pair of tweezers or the Tweezer Vacâ„¢ system, place the chaton into the opening. Let your crystal set for the manufacturer's recommended amount of time before wearing the item just repaired.

- Tim Cronkhite, Jewelry-Making Expert

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