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I'm trying to learn more about crystals for use in jewelry and in suncatchers. How stable are the colors in the various types of crystals? Also, is Celestial Crystal the same thing as "Chinese crystal?" Confused. Thanks.
- Rebecca
Color is stable in glass or crystals beads, however most glass colors can fade in strong sunlight over time. Should the surface of the crystal or glass become scratched or etched, the color will appear faded, so always treat any crystal or glass, especially faceted glass, with care when cleaning and storing.

Many crystal beads are made and cut in China. Chinese crystal is a very broad term. In general, Chinese crystal beads are lead based crystal.

Celestial Crystal® glass beads are not lead crystal beads. Crystal just happens to be part of the name of the bead. However there are some colors of Celestial Crystal--red, purple and pink--that contain a small amount of lead to create the red-based colors.

- Maura Buckner, Jewelry-Making Expert

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