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I have read that both copper and sterling silver can be oxidized using Liver of Sulfur or ammonia. During the oxidizing process, both metals will go through a range of color changes before getting to the antique-look. My question is: are you supposed to use some kind of sealant on all pieces that have been oxidized BUT not to the point of the antique-look. For example, oxidizing copper until it turns blue. None of the articles that I've read mention use of sealants. Thanks very much!
- Judy
Liver of Sulfurâ„¢ is a dependable oxidizer that gives metal a range of colors. Ammonia alone will not give you the control over the range of colors you desire.

Liver of Sulfur nuggets must be dissolved in water and heated to be effective. A mini crock pot is ideal for this process. With a series of dipping in heated solution and rinsing in cool water, you can achieve the color that you want on the copper or sterling silver.

To secure the blue-like color, or any other color short of the dark antiqued look, you must seal with a paste wax which gives a soft polish or with a spray lacquer in either matte or gloss. With wear, these sealants may dissipate.

- Sandra Lupo, Metalsmith, Jewelry Artist and Instructor

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