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How do I solder gold-filled wire?
- Patricia
We recommend you match your solder to the karat of gold you are soldering onto. For instance, if you are soldering 14k gold filled wire, use 14k gold or lower (12 or 10k) solder. If only soldering once, use extra easy solder. If soldering more than once on a piece you will need a harder solder. For example, if you are soldering one piece in two places, on the first point use easy solder, and on the second use extra easy solder. This makes it so you don’t re-melt your original solder point. Any jewelry grade flux will work but using a gold solder paste with the flux already in the mix is much simpler.

Always follow safety precautions when soldering metals with heat (open flame), including good ventilation.

- Sandra Lupo, Metalsmith, Jewelry Artist and Instructor

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