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I have been beading for 30-something years using wire, thread, leather, etc. I'd like to try to macramé a necklace, using cord, but the last try, I ran out of the cord on the outside of the knots, and my necklace ended up as a bracelet. How do I measure the cord to make an 18" necklace, with beads and a toggle? I'd like to make it for my sister's Birthday which is coming up in 3 months. Can you help me out?
- Laurel
It is recommended that the two base cords (inside cords) be cut 4 to 6 inches longer than the desired finished length of the piece. As an example, use 24 inches for an 18-inch necklace. The knotting cords (outside strands) should be 5 to 6 times the length of the finished piece. For example, use 90 to 108 inches for an 18-inch necklace.

- Maura Buckner, Jewelry Making Expert

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