Topics: Cameos, Genuine

How do you tell the difference between a cameo that is carved out of a single piece of shell, and one that has the image glued onto the background?
- Marilyn
A conventional cameo is hand carved from one piece of banded agate (layered stone) or certain types of seashell. Viewing the cameo sideways would reveal this single piece carving.

Contemporary cameos are still crafted from stone and shell in addition to other modern materials, such as acrylics and resins. Modern materials may be lazer-carved or hand-carved, and there is a great variety of cameos to choose from. Again, looking at the cameo sideways should reveal the single piece carving. Price will also dictate whether the image is glued onto a backing or if it is the more desirable single carving.

- Sandra Lupo, Metalsmith, Jewelry Artist and Instructor


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