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In Australia, reference is made to "rolled gold". Is there a difference between gold filled (USA) and rolled gold (Aus)?
- Jenelle
The term ''rolled gold'' is defined as a layer of gold fused to a lesser metal, typically brass. The term applies to vintage watches, collectible costume jewelry, cigarette cases and other vintage luxuries. These products might be stamped ''14Kt RG,'' for example. Products today that are labeled ''Rolled Gold'' may include European manufactured jewelry, writing pens, jeweled cases and other items for personal use.

The term ''gold-filled'' carries the same definition as rolled gold. Gold-filled products include manufactured findings and components for jewelry-making as well as finished jewelry items. The metal can be found in sheet as well as wire for use in the metalsmith trade. Gold-filled metal is not adversely affected with proper heat applications and so items can be repaired.

Both rolled gold and gold-filled are by weight, 1/20th of gold with a range of 12Kt to 18Kt. Whether the product is rolled gold or gold-filled, the layer of gold applied is considerably thicker than an electroplated layer, which will wear off in time.

- Sandra Lupo, Metalsmith, Jewelry Artist and Instructor

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