Topics: Findings, Hinged Earwires

I purchased a pair of hammered sterling silver earrings online for my daughter. The earrings have a bar closure that broke off (the bar and hinge). I have made a lot of jewelry myself. I tried to replace them with something similar, but could not find anything here on line. How can I repair them?
- Donna
From the description, the hammered sterling silver metal may be soldered to a hinged earwire, which may be identified as an omega clip. If so, it may be best to have a jeweler who specializes in repair take a look to determine if the repair can be made without the need to replace and resolder parts. An omega clip is a type of hinged earring finding that requires a soldered post and an omega-shaped wire that is hinged to the plate.

There are hinged earwires that work well with most designs. All would depend on how the earwire is attached to the plate.

- Sandra Lupo, Metalsmith, Jewelry Artist and Instructor


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