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When I restick rhinestones with jewelry cement they lose their sparkle. Why is this? Does the stone need some sort of coating or a special glue?
- Bernice
Rhinestones are manufactured with a foiled backing that keeps the stone's color and sparkle intact. Certain glues have properties that can eat away at the foil back as well as cure too quickly that they affect the backing in a negative way which allows the glue to reach the rhinestones surface. The result is usually less sparkle and even loss of color. If a rhinestone falls out of the setting, it is likely it cannot be reused. Replace the stone with a similar size, whether it is a chaton (pointy backed) or a flat back stone and use a two-part epoxy to reset the stone.

Refer to the materials list and the chart below for recommended uses for a variety of glues and adhesives.

- Sandra Lupo, Metalsmith, Jewelry Artist and Instructor

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