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Hello! I have a question about how to market my fine silver pendants: With the rising cost of precious metals I often find it difficult to sell my pendants for the price I want if I consider the chains that go with them. I really want to sell my pendants "as is" without a chain to keep costs down, but I feel if I do that it hinders sales since people want to wear the pieces right away or they don't have a chain of their own. Should I just charge more and supply a chain? Or should I keep my prices affordable and skip the chain? I was thinking about using a cord or something since it would be cheaper, but I'm afraid it won't mesh well with the more formal look of my pieces. Help?
- Annie
Let your customers decide. If you are "showing" your work on a display, show it on a chain that you feel works for the piece. If space permits in your display, show similar designs on other types of cording and different types of metal chains. Also show some pieces and cords on their own. As someone admires a piece on a chain be sure to point out that it could be worn, for a different look, on a cord or other type of metal--highlighting the versatility of your designs and possibly appealing to their taste (should it be different than yours). Be sure to explain that the chain is sold separately and to have everything well marked "chain sold separately" or show two different prices "with" and "without" the chain, so there is no confusion should you not be available at the time someone is admiring your pieces.

- Tammy Honaman, Author, Jewelry-Making Expert and Educator


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