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I've sold some of my handmade jewelry online in the past while I was in high school, but I'm now in college, and I'd like to start again. I'm an Information Systems major, so I've got the skills and am planning to build my own website (though I'll also be attempting to sell some on Etsy). I've also been thinking about doing home parties, but some of my friends who are in different states were interested in hosting parties, which obviously won't really work. Do you have any ideas/tips for doing online jewelry parties so my friends can still host?
- Jenn
The value and impact of home parties is authentic and offers live interaction with the jewelry maker in a festive atmosphere. That's not available any other way than a real event. The good news is that if you're in college, assuming you go to a physical campus (not a virtual college) you are most likely in or developing a social circle of people who are nearby. Consider hosting your own party first, and then using that event to recruit new hosts from your local area. Selling at the student center or during the holidays is another great option for you. Great question!

- Dr. David Weiman
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