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I love working in all kinds of bead weaving stitches. However, no matter what stitch I use the bracelet always stretches or "grows". I use Fire line. I tie knots often. What else can I do to retain size? Thanks in advance.
- Sherry
You can condition FireLine® which should help. Cut the length you require and run the thread between your thumb and forefinger, using a tight grip on the thread; repeat this two or three times. Also try different types of knots to find the one that works best. For example, it is suggested that you use a fisherman's knot with Kevlar. Take care when adding a new thread and ending the first thread.

FireLine is great for all types of beads as it is strong, resists tangling and abrasion. Kevlar and FireLine are synthetic threads with incredible strength. Compare these thread types to determine your preference. Choose the beading needles appropriate for these threads. Eliminate loose ends with a thread burner.

- Sandra Lupo, Metalsmith, Jewelry Artist and Instructor

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