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How do you secure a pendant from flipping on the reverse side? I'd like the pendant to lay flat. I was only able to fasten with a jumpring because of the small opening on the metal pendant.
- Kelsey
If the pendant is a one-sided design and your necklace is long enough to move away from the body (sway and turn) it is likely the reverse side of the pendant will occasionally show. Instead of using jumprings to attach the pendant to the chain, try using a fold-over glue-on bail. These bails usually have a wider top where it hangs on the chain making the pendant more stable. The hole of the pendant should be covered nicely with the legs of the bail once they are glued in place.

If you prefer using jumprings, work with a series of jumprings, using the thickest gauge that will pass through the small pendant ring. Attach the smallest jumpring to the pendant, then a mid-size one to the small jumpring, followed by a larger jumpring to the mid-size one. Attach the large one to a finished necklace strand.

Here is a design option to help stabilize the pendant and prevent it from flipping:
  • String the pendant on two strands of flexible Accu-Flex® beading wire.
  • Gather both lengths of wire, below and above the pendant and top with a bead.
  • Separate the strands to continue stringing both sides of the necklace design.
Finish using crimp beads, Accu-Guard™ wire protectors, crimp covers and a clasp of your choice.

- Sandra Lupo, Metalsmith, Jewelry Artist and Instructor

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