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I want to make my own pins using various wire and different gauges of wire, copper, sterling, etc. These pins would be made using one continuous piece of wire. What is the best way to sharpen the pin end?
- Colleen
Use a jeweler's file or a sanding disc accessory for a rotary tool to take down the end of any wire to form a sharp point. If using a jeweler's file, file in one direction and rotate the wire pin so the point is filed evenly all the way around. Using a sanding disc with a rotary tool will cut filing time down and may give you more consistent results. In each case, use a polishing accessory to smooth and buff the wire end and its point. Tumbling with stainless steel shot will work-harden any metal-only piece. A polishing cloth will shine up the entire pin once the work is done.

- Sandra Lupo, Metalsmith, Jewelry Artist and Instructor

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