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It has been suggested that I obtain a rock tumbler with steel shot to clean my pieces as I am making them. I have been reading about ultrasonic wave tanks used to clean, and I wonder how they compare to the tumbler in the end result.
- Winefred
A rotary tumbler with steel shot and slightly soapy water will clean and work-harden metal components and finished metal jewelry you are making. Pieces with stone, glass or porous materials should not be tumbled with stainless steel shot.

An ultrasonic cleaning system is a reliable cleaner that uses vibration waves to clean jewelry. The soapy liquid used is gentle but effective for all types of jewelry. There is no media used such as steel shot to abrade stones, glass or porous materials. An ultrasonic cleaner does not work-harden the pieces while it cleans.

- Sandra Lupo, Metalsmith, Jewelry Artist and Instructor

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