Topics: Seed Beads, Hanks

How do you get the cluster of seed beads separated without losing all of the beads on the strand, and how do you secure them and keep them from unraveling. Thank you,
- Marti
It is recommended to snip one end of the thread at the end of one strand, by the last bead near the knot. Take off the beads you need then place some tape around the end of the thread to keep the beads in place until you need more. Repeat on the other strands as needed. Many times it is easier and more convenient to just slide all of the beads off of the temporary string, and store them in a container with a lid, unless you are re-stringing strands of seed beads.

Seed beads are temporarily strung on inexpensive thread for the purpose of transport and sale and are often gathered and secured by a separate piece of thread. As you remove strands from the bunch or hank, the thread keeping the strands together will become loose and will possibly come undone or slip off--keep that in mind and either knot the ends of the strands themselves or add tape accordingly.

- Maura Buckner Jewelry-Making Expert


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