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Can I use bead tips to cover crimp tubes and beads when finishing my necklace using flexible beading wire?
- Renee
Bead tips can be used over crimps as well as to cover knots when attaching a strand of wire to a jumpring or clasp. The only down side to using a bead tip over the crimp and attaching it to the strand, is that it is not as strong as passing the wire through the jumpring or clasp and back through the crimp tube before crimping it. The latter method, a more traditional formula for crimping, would be recommended for designs that include heavier beads. When using the more traditional formula for crimping, an Accu-Guard™ wire protector will transition the wire from the beads to the clasp as well as protect the wire from abrasion. A crimp cover then offers the professional finish you are looking for by concealing the crimp.

Crimp ends may offer the look you are going for, as they conceal the wire inside and provide a loop to use for attaching your finding. And yet another finishing option to consider is Screw-Tite Crimps™. For instructions and information on this finishing finding, view the '''Crimping with Screw Tite Crimps'' how-to video and illustrated instructions.

- Maura Buckner Jewelry-Making Expert

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